Mason 5 B walnut Swiss IMG_3977

Ernest Mason Swiss-style wheel in walnut

Ernest Mason Swiss-style wheel in walnut. A rectangular wooden frame is formed by four horizontal pieces, however the back piece extends out on the right side and has another long piece attached that is parallel to the other long pieces. A treadle is hinged between the front of that piece and the one in the middle. Two uprights fit into the middle of the two sections of the frame, with a board across the top and one a third of the way down. About a third of the way up is an axle that holds the wooden drive wheel with six spokes. A metal footman connects the drive-wheel axle to the treadle. Horizontal maidens in the mother-of-all, a quarter of the way down, hold the wooden bobbin/flyer unit. A threaded screw set into the board at the top adjusts the location of the mother-of-all that moves in slots in the uprights. A board above the axle holds two spare bobbins.