Issue #71 – January 2011


• A Scandinavian Spinning Wheel
• The Normandy Spindle Wheel: A Unique Hybrid
• A Book About Finnish Spinning Wheels
• Canadian Production Wheels-Other Makers
• Inquiry: An Unsigned Canadian Production Wheel


Highlights From This Issue

Marking the beginning of our eighteenth year, this issue features European spinning wheels from France and Scandinavia. We learn about a book containing information about Finnish wheels and others from that region. In North America more makers of spinning wheels from Quebec are presented.

A Scandinavian Spinning Wheel

When I had an inquiry from a British antiques dealer about a Scandinavian spinning wheel in need of restoration, I referred him to David Bryant. David tells us about that wheel and its repairs, as well as about the extensive research that he and his wife, Valerie, have done on spinning wheels in the British Isles.

The Normandy Spindle Wheel: A Unique Hybrid

Diane Falck writes about the style of great wheels found in Normandy, the region of France where she lives. After closely studying a couple of examples and a number of old photographs, she discovered that they were not only spindle wheels but could have bobbin/flyer units.

A Book About Finnish Spinning Wheels

Having acquired a rare German-language book about Scandinavian spinning wheels, Grace Hatton outlines for us some of the interesting information it contains.

Canadian Production Wheels-Other Makers

In the course of their quest for Canadian production wheels and information about their makers, members of the Ravelry CPW Forum have found some other spinning-wheel makers from Quebec. The wheels with their marks are sometimes precursors of the classic CPW or have some but not all the features. Caroline Foty outlines what they have learned about them so far.

Inquiry: An Unsigned Canadian Production Wheel

Molly Poremski sent an Inquiry about an unmarked CPW that has some of the characteristics of the classic CPW forms but also other components that are different and unusual.