Issue #77 – July 2012


• Spinning Wheels Marked “Desjardins”
• Charles Regeimbal, Spinning Wheel Maker from Quebec
• Inquiry: Two Metal Spinning Wheels
• Scandinavian Spinning Wheels Revisited
• ClacketyClack! Rings on Spokes!


Highlights From This Issue

Again we will study more Canadian wheel makers. Two readers inquire about metal spinning wheels, while other readers offer feedback about Scandinavian style-wheels and Swiss uprights discussed in recent issues.

Spinning Wheels Marked “Desjardins”

Spinning wheels marked Paradis and Desjardins were discussed in an article in SWS Issue #70. When it was published, I sent a copy to Desjardins Industries in St. André, Quebec. This is a large company producing equipment for agriculture, saw mills, and woodworking. As luck would have it, that letter reached Jerome Bouchard who is interested in the history of the company. I report on what he found.

Charles Regeimbal, Spinning Wheel Maker from Quebec

A spinning wheel marked Charles Regeimbal started Caroline Foty researching another Quebec wheel maker. She found a good amount of family history and describes how this wheel resembles other wheels she has studied.

Inquiry: Two Metal Spinning Wheels

Two readers have recently acquired spinning wheels made from metal. Andrea Myklebust got hers from the estate sale of a well-known spinner. It came with the name “Conn Fence.” Owen Evans bought his wheel from a couple in Germany. The question is, are they “one-of-a-kind” spinning wheels?

Scandinavian Spinning Wheels Revisited

The article in Issue #71 about a Scandinavian wheel brought in two more responses from readers. Norman Kennedy writes about how he acquired one many years ago. Donna Lonergan describes an example, with an odd construction feature on the hub, that was brought to her husband, Paul, to fix.

ClacketyClack! Rings on Spokes!

Grace Hatton also tells about an unusual, noisy feature on a wheel that her husband, Fred, was asked to repair. That wheel is very similar to the Swiss upright wheel I wrote about in Issue #72